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LEAD Brick Church joined Nashville’s largest charter management organization in 2012 as a neighborhood-zoned, turnaround school. Brick Church’s mission is to be a high-quality and academically excellent school for students zoned in the Whites Creek section of Nashville, north of Route 65. We are the zoned neighborhood and community school for families in the Brick Church area and we are part of a 2,400-student LEAD Public Schools charter network that graduated its first senior class in 2014 at LEAD Academy. Since that time, every single graduating class at LEAD Academy has earned 100 percent acceptance to college. Members of our first LEAD senior class are set to graduate in May of 2018 -- to date, 44% of LEAD’s low-income, minority graduates (from 2014-2016) are persisting at four-year colleges, which is well above the national average of 10%.

The school demographics at Brick Church are as follows: 314 students (as of Spring 2018); 81% Black; 10% Hispanic/Latino; 8% White; <1% Asian. The Exceptional Education population is 22%; the English Language Learner population is 8%,

Located at 2835 Brick Church Pike, LEAD Brick Church’s mission is to prepare all of our students with the skills necessary to be prepared for college and life.

Interim Principalr: Jay Brown (

Family Engagement Coordinator: John Strickland (615-473-0994)

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